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Ana Pérez-Quiroga
Laurel wreath


Laurel wreath, 2017

Graphite drawing on Fabriano Rosa Spina 300g paper, wood bilros, red cotton strings, aluminum frame

The piece combines two objects - the laurel wreath and the bilros -a connection mirrored as a symbol of my work's beginning. The accomplishment of victory and its acknowledgment. From a careful observation of the environment, the scientific drawing of the laurel wreath plays with the bilros, in a assemblage around the idea that this drawing could be made by the objects themselves.  

Laurel wreath, 2017

Studiolo XXI - desenho e afinidades,
Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, Portugal.
Curatorship: Fátima Lambert
13.04 - 29.09.2019