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Ana Pérez-Quiroga
Absolut taste of diversity - Shanghai


Absolut taste of diversity - Shanghai, 2013

10 silk pieces, 10 radial compositions in 8 different colors; cotton threads.
600x67cm (each)

In these 10 large silk fabrics, each one composed by eight radial colors, ranging from violet, moving through blue, blue green, jade green, aquamarine green, yellow, salmon, sienna to red, which, combined, create different visual games. This work plays with our sensation charged with psychological associations, where we attribute a characteristic to each color. Without worrying about forming harmonious chromatic chords, the colors chosen are the result of a wide range of accidents and allow me to say that there are no right or wrong color compositions. But of course it also plays with the “I like it, I don't like it” of the viewer. This piece also plays with the magic of seeing colors and their multiple chromatic compositions.