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Nuno Alexandre Ferreira, A union of colors, 2012
A union of colors. There is a utopian universality, which was visible in Modernism, in that the most contemporary reality can be refuted at any point in time. We have an image in our minds of a row of flags from every country fluttering in the wind in the same direction and that tells us that we are all together. There are hotels which fly the flags of numerous countries at their entrance and this tells us that various languages are spoken there. At an embassy, the flag tells us that we are entering foreign territory. At a hotel, the flags warmly greet us because we are welcome. In fact, flags can show us different ways in how to welcome people.

From the lobby of the Tivoli Lisboa, Ana Pérez – Quiroga has created an installation consisting of 36 colored flags, which hang in the mezzanine, intuitively conveying an association of colors, which have no predefined hierarchy in an allusion to the work of Josef Albers during the early days of Modernism and the Bauhaus. A new agreement where our perception is challenged beyond taste and convention through the colors as they are all different, all the same.

In the same way that a flag marks territory, the 36 flags on show are a guarantee that territories overlap, just like in a hotel lobby, a crossroads of people from very diverse origins. All different, all the same.
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